Welcome to BoostHosting!

BoostHosting is a privately-owned company offering quality web hosting services to its clients.
We promise not to be the cheapest, the best or the perfect. We just make sure that our customers are satisfied,
happy and are willing to vouch for us. We hope to speak through our end results
rather than giving initial hype to our self image through our own words.
Just try us once, you'll know it yourself! We are sure!

Who We Are!

BoostHosting has recently grown under a new management which has more aggressive expansion plans, introducing new products and improving upon our cutting-edge, value rich and utterly reliable hosting solutions to its customers. The datacenters have redundant power back-up, redundant network and redundant cooling systems to give you absolute reliability and ultimate performance.

Data Centers & Infrastructure

BoostHosting host your servers in world-class datacenter facilities in Nuremberg. BoostHosting's datacenter features independently-operated infrastructure systems such as UPS Battery Backup Units, HVAC and CRAC cooling units, and distribution routers. The seperation and compartmentalization of the datacenter resources greatly limits risk factor and eliminates wholesale outages.

Why BoostHosting?

Three reasons you can count on us to deliver.

Should you choose BoostHosting? Is there a reason for that? Aren't there thousand others who are cheaper than us? Or who promise "unlimited" of everything? Or who pledge that they'll provide the best-in-class support? Why at all select BoostHosting as your hosting brand when there seem to be several other "better" services?

1) No Overselling! Not the Cheapest! Affordable!

BoostHosting focusses on retaining customers with performance and support. We don't oversell for the simple reason that it doesn't make it worthy of your money. Overselling, according to BoostHosting, is a bad business model. We don't claim to be the cheapest. We cannot run a business with CHEAP as the number one priority in our pricing model, with quality coming somewhere below that. And we are not the cosliest either. We just focus on reasonable selling price, giving the maximum value for the hard-earned money that you trust us with. We are affordable and worth every penny!

2) Friendly Staff available Round-the-Clock.

BoostHosting has been formed by staff who are friendly to deal with. We strive to please our customers by speaking understandable language and support them with both our hands. After all, that's what a true friend is supposed to do!

3) Well-Established and Experienced.

BoostHosting is not another fly-by-night hosting company. We are a well-established concern with experienced hosting staff. And, we are also funded properly. So, you can rely on us during rough times. In short, we are stable, efficient and experienced; and friendly.

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